There’s an enormous list of usages for a storage unit.

Many suggestions will be offered to you, but would you know how to make the most of the area you are renting?

Prime Storage Liverpool, offers self storage units in various sizes for personal, student or business use.

Let’s take a look at 5 ways to use your storage unit in further detail below.

Create A Home Library

A storage unit can be the perfect place to keep your collection of books if you’re running out of space at home.

Store items such as books in boxes or put up some shelving to keep your reading material organised and a lot easier to access.

If you’re an avid reader, this can be the perfect solution for you if you don’t have the room at home.

A storage unit can also be a great place to keep other items such as CDs, DVDs and even vinyl if you have a large collection.

If you live in a small apartment or flat, storing some of your treasured novels in a storage unit can make your living quarters feel much more spacious.

You may also wish to add a bean bag or table and chair to the storage room so you can read your favourite book in a private, peaceful and relaxing atmosphere.

Storage During House Renovation

Finding a place to store property whilst renovating can be challenging, but renting a storage unit solves a lot of these problems, as you can store most of the items that would be damaged by renovation work with ease, in your own private storage units.

You might consider using your garden or garage, but whether elements may damage your valuables, even when wrapping each item in bubble wrap or placing a cover over each piece of furniture.

Think of furniture, artwork, documents and books and many other things you’d want to protect whilst your house is being renovated, and contact our staff on site for further information, help and advice.

Storing Seasonal Belongings In A Self Storage Unit

There are many seasonal items which we only use once a year and take up a lot of space in the home such as Christmas Trees, Christmas Decorations, Halloween Costumes, Bikes, Balls, Hockey sticks, Ski gear, Surfing boards and Canoes.

But did you know they are all items which can be stored in a storage unit?

You might be running a business that sells seasonal greeting cards and events merchandise. A storage unit is ideal for storing things you can’t or don’t sell, during a particular season.

Schooling can also be considered seasonal.

During the holidays, students can store books and other items they use in school, in a storage unit, helping to ensure they are not damaged or stolen before you next need them.

Extra Office Space & Storage Space

A self storage unit can provide excellent additional space for your office purposes.

You can use the space if you need quiet-time to do a particular project or work for example.

You could also use a storage unit to store certain items from your office you don’t have use for, but don’t want to throw away because you don’t know when they’ll come in handy again.

You can declutter these into a storage unit to use when you need them later.

There are times when you may run out of space in your office for archiving and storing certain documents. The extra space provided by a storage unit is ideal for this purpose.

If you work from home, you might want to consider using a storage unit as your office.

It will give you the privacy you need to concentrate on work and make business calls in peace or even use it as a quiet place for meeting clients, as it may be cheaper to rent than an office space.

By decorating and furnishing your storage facility however you like, will make it feel like your own little office away from home.

Many people run various types of businesses from a storage unit.

People successfully run online businesses by storing items in our storage facilities, packing and delivering to customers from secure and convenient spaces.

These include eBay and Amazon sellers and other online retailers selling smaller items such as clothing, sporting items, toys, books, beauty products, Tupperware, health supplements, right the way through to larger items such as sofa(s), car spares and more.

This way, your storage unit can be your mini-warehouse especially if you’re starting up!

Use It As Your Own Private Gym

If you’re looking for a more unusual way to use your storage unit, how about setting it up as a gym?

This is ideal if you don’t have enough space at home or if you live in an apartment where space is limited.

You can store all your gym equipment in the unit and use it whenever you like, as our storage units allow for 24 hour access!

This is a great way to stay fit and healthy, without having to pay for an expensive gym membership and gives you more space at home!


If you are moving house or searching for a peaceful location to read, exercise, or just relax in your own private space surrounded by your personal belongings, consider renting a self storage unit from us here, at Prime Storage.

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