Self storage is a fantastic way to keep your belongings safe and out of the way for a variety of reasons.

Whether you’re moving, redecorating, going on holiday for a few weeks or just want more space at home, it is a good idea to store items with a storage company such as Prime Storage in Liverpool.

From delicate items to garden tools and wooden pallets, we have the perfect unit that will fit your storage requirements.

Choosing The Right Storage Facility

We offer storage units in Liverpool, from 15 square feet all the way up to 275 square feet, making it difficult to decide how much space you require.

This is why we always recommend that you visit us before making a reservation, so you are confident that the available space you choose is in line with your storage needs.

Self Storage Packing Tips

Packaging your items is one of the most Important parts of self storage, as you want to make sure whatever you are storing, is secure and easy to handle.

Boxing your items not only helps to preserve your items, but it will also make it considerably easier to pack them into your chosen storage unit.

Many consumers report that they can fit almost twice as much into their self storage unit when packing their things up in boxes, rather than cramming everything in loose.

Labelling your goods after they have been packaged or boxed up, is a great tip if you have numerous boxes that all look the same.

Whether you write down what’s inside, label boxes or colour code the boxes, it makes no difference when it comes to storing the goods, but people tend to forget where things are and can spend hours looking for what they require at the end of their stay, especially when searching for smaller items.

Fragile items such as antiques, paintings, wooden furniture, or gold bullion should always be limited.  This is because there are restrictions on the amount of value you can store in your unit.

We offer a small range of packing accessories at our storage facility in Liverpool, some of which include:

  • Strong lock(s) / Padlocks
  • Mattress covers
  • Chair covers
  • Bubble Wrap
  • Various sized storage boxes
  • Gloves

General Storage Tips

Try your best not to leave items un protected.

As stated previously, self storage is one of the safest options when it comes to storing items, but it always comes with a small risk, especially to any fabrics or paintings.

This is because they can pick up tiny amounts of moisture in the air, which could result in mildew or mould growth.

For this reason storage facilities will recommend your furniture such as chairs and mattresses, are covered with dust sheets.

Also make sure to never store anything perishable in with your items!

Our self storage facility does not offer climate controlled units, so if you store perishable items in your unit, there is a strong chance that it will rot and produce mould and bad odour.

As a general rule, you should store heavier items and larger items such as furniture on the floor and lighter boxes or items on the top.

This will help to distribute the weight evenly throughout the storage unit, and reduce the risk of any accidents and injury, when trying to move items around.

Storage Tips

Below are a couple of very important tips that are often overlooked when it comes to choosing the correct storage company:

Ask what extra protection and safety measures the facility offers.

Prime Storage Liverpool, provides monitored security 24 hours a day on a protected site with guards at the gate, to ensure the right people enter our storage facility.

However, some storage facilities might not even have security cameras monitoring their grounds, so make sure to ask.

Ask the storage company about their insurance policy and storage insurance.

Purchase insurance independently if you have any concerns with the storage company’s insurance policy.

Speak to other customers where you can and ask them about their storage experience.

Discuss key factors with the facility such as monthly rent, access and ask for a storage guide which indicates what you can and can not store.

Also, remember never to share any of your unit’s information with anyone you can’t trust, whether this be the contents of your unit or the code to a lock, you want to make sure you are protected as much as possible.

Our Guarantee

Prime Storage has a proven track record of offering the best self storage solution for all your needs.

We offer competitive storage prices in Liverpool for all our storage units; be it long or short term, so you can be sure that you’re always getting the best value for your money.

In addition to this, our storage units are clean, dry and secure, giving you peace of mind that your belongings are in safe hands.

Call us today for more tips and tricks of using our self storage facility and see how we can help you get organised!


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