• You own or are authorised to store the Goods.
  • Storage fees must be paid in advance and on time.
  • If You do not comply with the conditions of this Agreement FO will have certain rights which include keeping Your Deposit and the right to seize the Goods in storage and sell or dispose of them.
  • You must secure the Unit.
  • You must not store dangerous, illegal, stolen, perishable, environmentally harmful or explosive goods subject to clause 18.
  • You must check the Unit is suitable for storing the Goods.
  • FO’s liability for loss of and damage to Goods is limited to £100.
  • FO is not liable to You for events outside its control.
  • Goods are stored at Your sole risk and must be insured.
  • Where offered the FO does not give any advice as to the suitability or otherwise of the insurance cover.
  • FO may use and share Your personal and other data in certain circumstances
  • Items which cannot be stored on-site –  Compressed gasses, Fireworks, Firearms, munitions or explosives, Chemicals or biological agents, Waste, asbestos or potentially dangerous materials

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